Vehicle Description




  • Company Name - SWARAJ MAZDA
  • Model - SAMRAT
  • Dimension - 9.2*6.1*5.5
  • Payload - 4.5 Ton
  • Gross Weight - 7200 KG
  • Tyre - 4

Popular Name :

Samrat, HG72

Description :

Tuxapp Pvt Ltd Vehicle Swaraj Mazda Samrat is the light weight class truck from an organization with 3,335 mm wheelbase and in 3 body sorts of a taxi, had and semi-desk. Powered with motor determinations of SLT3 3.5 Liter 4-Cylinder TCIC diesel, it produces 100.5 bhp control and 270 Nm torque. With GVW of 7,200 kg and payload of 4,560 kg, it's fit for market loads, a basic need, farming merchandise and that's only the tip of the iceberg. It has discretionary power directing choice with 28% gradability for high strides. Stopping brakes and safety belts are there for security alongside standard seats and adequate extra space to move around.