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Tata SFC 909


Tata SFC 909

  • Company Name - TATA
  • Model - SFC 909
  • Dimension - 12.5*6.8*5.6
  • Payload - 6.04 Ton
  • Gross Weight - 9050 KG
  • Tyre - 6

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Truxapp Pvt Ltd Vehicle Tata SFC 909 EX is a semi-forward truck that comes in the 9T GVWR class. It depends on Tata 407 and for the most part utilized for the intra-city reason, most appropriate for transporting substantial products in city activity conditions. Goodbye SFC motor is a TCIC VP37 BS3 engine that produces 123.3 bhp @2400 rpm and 400 Nm of torque @1300-1500 rpm. The 3783cc water-cooled coordinate infusion diesel motor is combined with TATA GBS 40 Synchromesh 5-speed manual transmission. As for lodge outline, it is in accordance with the Tata's belief system of certainty and trust. The vehicle comes pre-stacked with wellbeing elements, for example, ABS and safety belts with the 16-inch tires giving it a solid grasp out and about. Tata SFC 909 EX is the best choice in the mid-fragment with the payload limit of 6040kgs, returning sound mileage and offering a reasonable stacking territory of 12.6 ft.